The Reno Sons of Italy

(Cristoforo Colombo Lodge #1534)

was established in 1929 as a

fraternal organization promoting

Italian culture and heritage.


Today, our non profit organization works on many projects including contributions to the Birth Defects Library at UNR, and merit-based scholarships to local students of Italian descent.  During the Christmas season we donate to the needy families in the community.  Additional projects and donations are discussed by the membership when they are presented to the Club.


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Reno Sons of Italy:   Barbara Wisniewski, 20987 Gunnison Drive, Reno NV 89508

We are a Reno non-profit service organization dedicated to serving the

needs of our community through charity.

The filial Lodge of Reno, Nevada was chartered and registered at the

Supreme Lodge in New York on April 19, 1929 under the Name and title of Cristoforo Colombo No. 1534.

The application to start the lodge was submitted by Nicolo Gardella (father of long time deceased members Henry and Olga Zunino and Mary Gardella and  grandfather of current member Larry Zunino), Rosa Mongolo and          Bartolommeo Ravera.  Supreme Venerable Giovanni Di Silvestro singed the    charter on April 27, 1929. The first meeting under the official nave was held on    May 22, 1929 in the social hall of the St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral.

At the first meeting there were fifty nine people in attendance and Pietro De Prati was elected as the first Venerable (the title which is now President).

           *Pietro De Prati

            *Venanzo Grifantini

            *Gime Piumorta

            *Ben Tortini

            *Ugenio Arbico

            *Bino Grifantini

            *John Gabrielli

            *Charley Rego

            *Ted Pastorino

            *Louis Ferrari

            *Archie Granata

            *Bruno Romero

            *Rose (Capurro) Nicholas

              (The first woman president of the lodge)

            *Eugene Mortara

             Hugh Ricci

             Marie Giambruno

             Joe (Marsola) Eidem

             Barbara Wisniewski  (Current President)

* Deceased

The Past Presidents (Venerables) of the Lodge have been: